Yell at the Laptop and It Might Decide to Show You the Right Ad: Building a Voice-to-Text Streaming Pipeline

Time: May 9, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Location: Regency Ballroom I

Streaming pipelines have become more and more difficult to build and operationalize as complexity increases. In this talk, you will learn how Snowflake is simplifying streaming architecture to enable users to work with streaming data easily through Snowpipe Streaming and Dynamic Tables.

Snowpipe streaming is designed for rowsets with variable arrival frequency. Calling the streaming API prompts low-latency loads of streaming data rows using the Snowflake Ingest SDK and your own managed application code.

The session includes a live demo of the following:

  • Record audio from the laptop's default microphone.
  • Do speech to text transcription
  • Pipes the words from the transcript to Snowflake using Snowpipe Streaming.
  • Create a Dynamic Table that aggregates words and their counts.
  • Use an Ads table that refers to the aforementioned Dynamic Table to determine what ads to show to the user.