Use Case

Driving Internal Analytics with Pinot and Tableau

Time: May 8, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Location: Regency Ballroom I

Sometimes you really do need your dashboards to be faster. At Slack, we needed to deliver data at speed, having recently adopted Tableau as our next-generation visualization tool. Not long after, users reported issues with query latency, limitations on row count, and inability to use custom SQL. We solved this by introducing Apache Pinot as a data source for Tableau, replacing the Trino connector for several dashboard use cases. Only two months after this internal transition, we have over a terabyte of data in Pinot powering internal dashboards. And StarTree recently open-sourced the Pinot Tableau connector, removing the need for Slack to mature our home-grown connector. This drastically reduces the time required to integrate Pinot with Tableau while increasing the data quality level of the integration. This talk covers our zero-to-one path to power Tableau dashboards with Pinot data.