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Unveiling the Impatience Economy: Real-Time Analytics & The Modern Data Landscape

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In today's impatience economy, milliseconds matter, and the demand for instantaneous insights is paramount. Traditional tools and applications no longer suffice; instead, real-time analytics have become indispensable for driving decisions, entering new markets, and enhancing customer experiences. From IT services to retail, FinTech to AdTech, every industry leverages real-time analytics across a myriad of use cases. This presentation delves into the top six applications of real-time analytics, exploring their impact on various sectors such as Information Technology & Services, Retail & Shopping, FinTech, and more. Through case studies from industry leaders like Cisco Webex, Uber, and LinkedIn, we uncover how organizations are harnessing Apache Pinot, StarTree, and other cutting-edge technologies to achieve subsecond latencies, enhanced observability, and even fortify fraud detection mechanisms. This presentation will introduce the impatience economy and the most common use cases requiring real-time analytics capabilities.